Europe’s most charming and unusual Pickpocket

He's an undisputed master of sleight of hand and pickpocketing  – 

An honest one of his kind who gives everything back, Gentleman-like.

You Have to See It... To Believe It !

An encounter with a pickpocket isn't always fun, for example Not if you lose your wallet or watch in a crowd. In the case of Kenny Quinn it is different. He is considered as the best picker of pockets, a charming and honest one of the kind you only read about in detective novels.

Kenny Quinn is one of a handful of showmen who make a legal and comfortable living out of picking pockets. And he is one of few pickpockets in the world who can laugh at the law, and stay firmly on the right side of it, as the gentlest and most un-criminal pickpocket.

He has lifted wallets from inside pockets and watches from the wrists of people in dinner-shows, night clubs, music-halls, circus, banquets, galas, corporate and private events all over. And he have appeared with great success in TV-show at home and abroad as special guest and highlight in television programs as Verstehen Sie Spass? the German version of "SMILE... YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA, JUST FOR LAUGHS" doing Put-Pocketing(Body-loads) on the audience. In the FRANK ELSTNER'S SHOW "Menschen-der-Woche" and on THE LATE LATE SHOW hosted by Mr. RYAN TUBRIDY on Raidió Teilifís Éirean(RTÉ One) Dublin, there are Ireland's most popular and prestigious television show and is the longest running chat show in the world since 1962, LIVE broadcasted across two hours in front of a studio audince on Friday nights and it averages 650,000 viewers per episode.

Danish Kenny Quinn was born in 1965 in Oslo, Norway, and was already as a child fascinated by the manipulations of the magic world. His interest in the magic world kept growing and in 1982 when he was 17 years old he was offered training as a Pickpocket Entertainer by the famous and legendary Danish Pickpocket Gentleman Jack, who initiated him into the noble art of pickpocketing. After two years of intensive teaching by his legendary mentor Kenny Quinn passed a Ph.D. in Pickpocketing ready for an international career in showbiz, as the most legitimate Pickpocket.

He learned everything worth learning about the secrets of the pickpocket and this unique craft and impressive deftness that would enable him to pick anything out of anyone’s pockets by means of pure “Oliver Twist” pickpocket tricks. Kenny Quinn, were not trained on dolls, as the thieves in Charles Dickens famous novel “Oliver Twist” but on living objects and spent daily many hours practicing slight-of-hands tricks and other manipulations skills.

Since 1985, Kenny Quinn – then a mere 20 year old - has made his living from pickpocketing and has ever since entertained as a professional pickpocket. And contrary to his criminal colleagues he has the disadvantage of everyone knowing from the start what he is up to so that they may be extra alert. Today is Kenny Quinn’s unusual and entertaining act a mix of sophisticated comedy and verbal humour which all contribute to divert the audience’s attention and there by makes it possible for this light-fingered entertainer to pick the pockets of his victims with perfect precision which amazes his victims as well as the audience.

Kenny Quinn's work begins with the selection of a victim - a woman's or a man's pocket or bag will be emptied if it is rewarding. Already this is a science in itself, requiring many years of study. It's a talent that you have or you don't have. His fingers are his capital just like by a pianist or a violin virtuoso; Kenny Quinn had to train them until they were independent, small living creatures and He always need to take good care of his hands to keep them flexible and soft in order to work optimally.

In fact, he should have his fingers insured; so valuable is a Pickpockets fingers! If you keep all this in mind, there can be no doubt that Kenny Quinn has the rank of a real pickpocket and what the eye does not see is that his fingers work faster than you can imagine.

He is an excellent judge of character who recognizes the many weaknesses of human beings. His tricks and smooth manoeuvres consist of 30 percent deftness and 70 per cent psychology, a magical combination from which this elegant entertainer makes a living and which forms the basis of his exceptional act. The fact, that he after people are warned take valuables directly from the pockets and the body of politicians, skeptics experienced criminologists and stingy people without difficulty, is amazing enough. But how does he do it! Distraction from thoughts and behaviour is the secret of this light-fingered entertainer from Denmark.

Kenny Quinn explains here why Audience is constantly fascinated by the art of Pickpocketing; “Infact, is my act a kind of game - the same game that adults play with their small children, for example when the child(Baby), First are tricked the pacifier away and tucked away a moment, and when the child then discovers it has been "robbed", will the pacifier immediately be given back to the baby. The overview and dexterity are the adult's strength in relation to the child. Kenny Quinn's act is all this opportunity to renew to experience childhood joyful delight”.

When the thefts succeed on stage or inside and outside the ring, it's because Kenny Quinn continues to gain perspective and simultaneously ensures that the victim briefly losing control of the situation. As well by the Entrance as in the ring is more or less persons paralyzed by the strange environment, where both the honest and the dishonest Pickpocket are able to control the victims' attention. When a pickpocket entertainer asks for anything in the victims pockets, hemoves his victim focus - so to say "the mental spotlight" down, for example to the Pants pocket, and in the meantime are the thief's fingers somewhere else. The endless flow of speech and especially the questions from the Pickpocket Entertainer that the victim will have to answers are a distracting factor. And in the hands of a brilliant pickpocket will the majority give up...

The police and everyone else should be grateful that Kenny Quinn is a completely honest pickpocket who does NOT use his skills and knowledge on the street. Kenny Quinn is the DREAD of the criminal pickpockets because he knows all the tricks of the criminal bag-snatchers and pickpockets and is happy to reveal the tricks and secrets of this profession in order to make life more difficult for his criminal colleagues on the streets.

His knowledge of the criminal pickpockets’ working methods and mentality is so extensive that he has several times been invited to visit police stations all over Europe where he has been giving instructions and demonstrated his special profession to police constables and chief constables. He has also been giving instructionsto police probationers at the Danish Police College. In all the cities around Europe where Kenny Quinn have been giving his lesson called "10 Fingers in other People's Pockets", has he too stolen large columns in printed newspapers. There have been giving him plenty of publicity and headlines like; “Pickpocket teaches Police to steal” - “Master Pickpocket stealing from Police, in the Police headquarters” and “Denmark's best Pickpocket – Kenny Quinn can steal everything without being caught, luckily just for fun ".

After Kenny Quinn’s lessons for the Police force across Europe, he receives “Thank You” letters from the Police Chiefs, who are grateful for that Kenny Quinn has chosen the world of showbiz as place of work - and not the streets.

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